How the new 'Nearby' Feature will look like

There has been a new udate of the app which you can find here for Android and here for iOS devices. One of the things that might have noticed is that the Nearby Feature has been changed to Sightings.
This is actually a small change compared to what is actually coming on Pokemon GO. Niantic has been testing a new nearby feature with selected players. According to leaks the new Nearby Tracker will look like this:

Pokemons near you will be seperated into Nearby and Sightings. As you can actually see on the picture above in the Nearby list Pokemons will be assigned to the closest Pokestop, although Pokemon appearing in Sightings will still, according to leaked info, be close to you but not close to any Pokestops. Pokemons appearing in the Nearby willhave even more information available. When you will click on them you will be able to see with a closer view at which Pokestop you have too look for the Pokemon you seek.

If you click View...the app will give you even more info. The map will open and you will see which Pokestop is the one you see and at which direction from the Pokestop you will have to move in order to find the Pokemon.

Check a video presentation here:

It is unknown when exactly this update will come for all of us...

Level Rewards: What will you get on every Pokemon GO level for FREE

Have you ever wanted to know which items you will be getting for free while you level up?
Here is a list!!

How to get Pikachu as a starter in Pokemon Go

After starting the game, Niantic has gave us an alternative way to get our first Pokemon. People at Niantic were trying to follow the story of the tv series by giving you the chance to Catch....Pikachu as your first Pokemon.
The secret lies at the very begining of the game.
When Proffessor Willow offers you the three choises that you have that youi have in order to start the gameyou just start walking,,,,away from them. When you lose them(get them off-screen) the three choises will re-appear. Well forget their existance and start walking again.
After denying to collect any of them for 5 times...a 4th option will appear. That option being, obviously, Pikachu . Choose him and catch him.

Niantic Inc. Opens new Office in Tokio

Niantic Inc. (Pokemon Go co-creator company) opened a new office  to develop a platform that uses augmented reality(AR) and mapping in games. 
According to its CEO,  John Hanke, this brand new office in Minato Ward of Tokio will help to accelerate the development of a platform built around AR and mapping. The office is led by Setsuto Murai 

Well rumour has it that the new office has been created to accelerate the developement of Pokemon Go, which is expected early least a limited beta version of it.

What do you think?


1.Pokemon GO App will be a... Pokeball

2.Pokemons might be spread around the world based on their habidat(Charizard in the Highland)

3.Items and Pokeballs....

 4.Trading System!!

5.Notifications of your Pokemons being attacked 

 6.Team VS Team - Battle with your friends against others

 7.Events - 10 Minutes to Catch Mewtow. Will you Join?

The more we learn the more excited we get.
What about you?

Pokémon Go Release Date: February 2016?

According to the latest rumours Pokémon Go might be released on February of 2016. 
All this speculation derives from the fact that Pokémon Red and Blue, the first games from the series were released on 27th of February 1996 in Japan. According to this, 27th of February is the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon Series.

Do you think this might be possible?